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Is your product in need of repair? Try these 5 steps

1. Check Your User Manual

Have you tried to troubleshoot or diagnose the problem? Many times a “broken product” may simply be an incorrect menu setting or a bad cable. You can often find valuable information on troubleshooting in the back of the manual that came with the product. (Downloadable user manuals and white papers are available on the Products page specific to your model. An archive of user manuals for discontinued models is in development. )

2. Try a Reboot: Ctrl-Alt-End

1. Most problems are due to incorrect software settings for your setup. The first thing to try is the keyboard(any PS2 keyboard will do) command Control-Alt-End. This will reboot the unit and clear it’s memory. The Auto-detect process will run normally as it boots, allowing the unit to automatically detect whatever components are connected.

  • NOTE: The PVI-64 does not respond to this procedure, proceed to next step.

3. Check Our Online Resources


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4. Collect Essential Information & Contact Us

If the suggestions above don’t solve your problem, your next step is to give us a call or e-mail us. You will need to first have some essential information about your unit. It’s found on the copyright screen.

The copyright screen is the second screen shown at boot-up. To get there:

  1. Attach a monitor and keyboard (any PS2 keyboard will work).
  2. Start up the unit.
  3. When the copyright screen appears, touch the “Pause” key to freeze the screen.
  4. Write down the following four pieces of information:
  • Pointmaker model number (in the illustration, this is the PVI-83)
  • Part number
  • Firmware version number
  • Copyright date range

Once you have this information, either contact our technical support team by phone or e-mail in any of the ways listed under Contact Us.

5. Submit a Repair Form to Us with the Product

If your are sending the product to us for repair, we will need to submit a form to us along with the product. As the instructions on the form page indicate, one copy of your form will be sent to us electronically, so we will be expecting your unit when it arrives with the printed copy. This speeds the repair process.

**Unless otherwise instructed by a technician, please include all accessories in the shipment. (i.e. power supply, tablet, keyboard, knob controller, etc.)**


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