You can use Pointmaker iPad or PC apps without connecting to the Pointmaker server, but you would then be limited to using the annotation features on your iPad or PC alone. In general, you would opt to use a Pointmaker server when you want to relay images and annotations to and from the PVI Control iPad app, or when you want to stream live video from the Pointmaker using the Windows 7 Stream Viewer.

There are three ways you can access the Pointmaker server to unlock the power of the app:

  • as a cloud server,
  • as software downloaded to your PC (available in the near future),
  • or as a server that comes built into a Pointmaker CPN-5600 and CPN-6000.

The advantages to each platform are described in their respective sections below.

Cloud Server (default)

The Pointmaker Cloud Server is the default server for all Pointmaker apps. The Pointmaker Cloud Server allows:

  • sharing iPad content with the Pointmaker and any displays connected to the Pointmaker
  • sharing still video images from multiple sources connected to the Pointmaker to either the presenter’s iPad using the PVI Control app, or to the PC using the Windows 7 Stream Viewer)
  • sharing live video streaming from the Pointmaker to a PC via the Windows 7 Stream Viewer app.

All cloud server usage is currently free during our trial period. Later in 2014, we plan to charge a tier-based subscription fee such as the following:

We are looking for your feedback on how this structure might work best, so feel free to drop us an e-mail.


Software for PC or MAC (coming soon!)

This options provides:

  • all of the above server features plus
  • all of the advantages of using a LAN-based network over a cloud server, including
    — fewer transmission errors while sharing iPad content
    — increased speed and bandwidth while sharing or streaming
    — the increased security of a a private network

Pricing for this option in not yet available.


Pointmaker Built-in Servers (CPN-5600 & CPN-6000)

This option offers:

  • all of the above features plus
  • all of the features of the Pointmaker CPN-5600 or CPN-6000 annotation system

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