More and more, touchscreens are becoming the industry standard for annotation. An LCD panel with a touch sensitive surface connected to a Pointmaker is an intuitive way to draw over video.

There are several touchscreen manufactures. Please contact us for compatibility.

All Pointmaker models can be used with a touchscreen. In order to use a touchscreen for annotation there must be two connections from the Pointmaker to the touchscreen. The connections are one for video, and one for RS-232. See our cabling pdf for more info.

Once you have a compatible touchscreen connected and are beginning to set up your Pointmaker, you have to calibrate the touchscreen before it will work properly.

Turn the Pointmaker on. You will see a blue screen with the Pointmaker logo on your displays. If the unit has 6 COMM ports or 10 COMM ports you will then see a message that states, “Input devices are about to be initialized. This may take some time. If you do not want to wait, press any key to cancel.” If the unit has only two COMM ports there will be the splash screen, copyright message, then video.

Either way do not press any keys.

You will then see a message that says either, “Please wait — Initializing Input Devices COMM# 3 of 6” or “Please wait — Initializing Input Devices COMM# 3 of 10” (COMM 1 and 2 are not listed, but are initialized.)  The Pointmaker will continue to initialize all the COMM ports. Once the unit is finished, you should see the incoming video signal.

  1. Press the “Print screen” key on the keyboard. You should see a ?Main Menu? pop up.
  2. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, place the cursor over the selection named, ?COMM Port Devices? and press Enter.
  3. Place the cursor over the selection named, “Calibration” and press Enter.  
  4. Place the cursor over the selection named, “Touch Screen Calibration” and press Enter. You will now see a cyan colored screen with a small crosshair in the upper left corner on your displays.
  5.  Go over to the LCD with touch and touch the crosshair in the middle.
  6. Repeat step 5 for all three crosshairs.
  7. Repeat steps 1 – 6 above for any other LCD with touch.

The touchscreens are now calibrated. Touch ?Exit Menu? and you should be able to draw.

If the touchscreen does not draw, or the screen does not respond to touching the crosshair, please view our FAQ’s for further troubleshooting.

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