Smart Board Compatibility

Integrating a Smart Board and a Pointmaker is an all around solution. When a Smart Board is connected to a Pointmaker, we allow the board to draw over LIVE video. No designated PC or software is needed. The Smart Board becomes like a BIG touchscreen when connected to the Pointmaker.

Smart Boards come with RS-232 connections, or with an RS-232-to-USB converter cable. We are compatible with RS-232 Smart Boards, and with the first version of their RS-232 to USB converter cable. Please contact us to confirm compatibility with your model Smart Board.

The USB version can connect to any newer Pointmaker model that now has USB. Calibrate the Smart Board, and you’re ready to go. There are different specific procedures to calibrate a touchscreen/Smart Board, depending on which model Pointmaker you have. Contact us for compatibility questions with USB Smart Boards.

Here is a diagram on connecting an RS-232 Smart Board to a PVI-46, PVI-64 and discontinued PVI-83. (For all other models, the only difference in connection is that you do not need piece E pictured below)

(illustration not to scale)

A) Smart Board
B) Smart Board Pen Tray
C) RS-232 cable provided with Smart Board
D) Power supply for Smart Board cable
E) SB-ADT (Smart Board adapter provided by Boeckeler)
F) Power supply for SB-ADT Pointmaker
G) Pointmaker

  1. Connect DB9 female side of cable(side without power) that came with Smart Board to Smart Board Pen Tray or direct to COMM port on back, bypassing the pen tray.
  2.  Connect other DB9 female side of cable (side with power) that came with Smart Board to male DB-9 of SB-ADT.
  3. Connect female DB-9 side of SB-ADT to male RS-232 COMM port on Pointmaker.
  4. Plug both power supplies to an outlet.

If you need to extend the Smart Board to be further than 30 ft from the Pointmaker you would connect our line driver hardware (model DTX-DRV) at connection #3. Click here to view more information on the DTX-DRV.

Once you’ve insured your Smart Board is connected correctly, and you’ve calibrated, if you are still unable to draw please visit our FAQ page for troubleshooting tips.

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