PVI Trainer App

iPad Training App for Courtroom Presentations


Illustrated forensic image displayed and annotated on the iPad using the Pointmaker PVI Trainer app. Here, an attorney practicing for the courtroom can develop their presentation from the office, selecting the best colors to contrast with the image. Then they can practice again and again to make their case as smooth and powerful as possible.


The PVI Trainer iPad app is especially designed for attorneys and witnesses to hone their argument on an iPad before going live in front of a judge and jury. Because the app simulates a touch display when connected to a Pointmaker CR-100 courtroom annotation systems (or any legacy Pointmaker), you can practice your presentation in the comfort of your office for best effect.

  • Select an image or document by tapping the top center portion of the screen to display the toolbar, then tap the + icon. You can display background templates, photos, documents and more that have been loaded onto your iPad.
  • Zoom in and out to determine best framing of the image that best shows off exhibit details.
  • Select the best drawing color or highlighter to contrast with your image to better focus the attention of judge and jury. Select colors by tapping the upper right corner
  • Change the line thickness by tapping the pencil icon when the toolbar displayed.
  • Practice drawing on the relevant details to more fully make your case to judge and jury – making sure to do so without covering other important elements of the image.
  • Easily clear or undo drawings by tapping the bottom left or right corner (respectively) on your iPad.
  • Share your annotated images with another PVI Trainer app user via the Pointmaker server (a Pointmaker video annotation system with internal server is required for this feature).
  • Show a menu for more functions by tapping the upper center region of the screen.

The app does not require a Pointmaker and is available for free in the App Store .

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