PVI Control App

iPad Control App for use with the Pointmaker CPN-5600 or CPN-6000

Annotating from both an iPad and a touch display using different colors.

Use the PVI Control app to control a Pointmaker CPN-5600 or CPN-6000 annotation system from your iPad via Wi-Fi. Display, share and annotate content from the iPad, as well as from multiple video and computer sources connected to the Pointmaker. You can also use the iPad as a remote control to change Pointmaker settings, switch video sources, and more – all while freely roaming the room.

“… I’m able to quickly switch between the document camera, the computer, or a video with a simple click … then I’m able to share the document with them and we are able to work on it as a whole class.” — Yvonne Madigan, 1st Grade Teacher.


Some of the many things you can do from your iPad (iPad screenshots at right):

  • give presentations wirelessly from your iPad
  • remotely share images from AV equipment, including document cameras, laptops, computers and more
  • stream video from any non-HDCP video source to your iPad (this function available for iPad 3 and 4, plus iPad mini. An update is pending for iPad Air).
  • switch between 9 video sources, and create source labels, such as “laptop,” “document camera” “HDTV” and “camera”
  • focus audience attention by drawing, writing or highlighting over content including documents, photos, slides, AV images or live web pages
  • remotely select the most commonly used Pointmaker commands, including menu navigation, capture, print and network setup
  • change annotation colors and line styles
  • freeze streaming video for special comment and annotation
  • share annotated images directly to Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail
  • calibrate a touch screen for precise drawing or writing at your fingertip
  • save annotated images in your iPad Photo Stream, USB or TFTP
  • print images to a Postscript printer
  • make other selections by navigating Pointmaker menus from your iPad


Pointmaker Control Panel

The PVI Control Panel is accessed from the PVI Control iPad app’s main tool bar (seen in the above right images). This menu allows users to remotely change settings on the Pointmaker CPN-5600.

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