Pointmaker PVI-500

Videoconference Presentation System

Watch this short video introduction

  The Pointmaker PVI-500 installed in a videoconference system with a SMART interactive display. On the left, the desktop in displayed in full screen mode. On the right, a new layout is generated by the codec. In both cases, the Pointmaker automatically maps the interactive display’s touch coordinates to the computer to retain touch functionality that is otherwise lost in switching layouts.


In order to unlock the full power of a SMART interactive display and Cisco TelePresence System in a meeting room or videoconference, Pointmaker LLC  launched the Pointmaker PVI-500 videoconference presentation system. The PVI-500 enables users to retain full functionality, sizing gestures and annotations on the display after switching videoconference layouts, whether windows are small or large or in new locations. Otherwise, presenters only experience accurate touch functionality when the presentation is displayed full screen.

THE ISSUE (an example)

EVERYTHING WAS GOING FINE -- During a videoconference, while you’re in full screen mode you click or touch the start button on the computer or SMART interactive display, and your menu appears . This is because while you’re in full screen mode , this works. At this point, your really don’t need a Pointmaker PVI-500 in your installation. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN -- When you switch to a different layout using the codec remote -- say, to a split screen showing a camera view of the remote end on the left and a miniaturized version of the PC desktop, now on the right. You tap the start button on the interactive display, the start menu will not appear! This is because the interactive display touch coordinates no longer correspond to the PC.


INSTALL A PVI-500 -- By adding the Pointmaker PVI-500 between your computer and SMART display (as shown in both diagrams), you can switch to any layout and retain touch functionality on the SMART display. This is because Pointmaker auto-alignment technology is at work, correctly mapping the SMART display coordinates to the PC. HAPPY COLLABORATION -- Now, when you switch to a different layout you can still interact with the PC on the SMART display, and you’ll get the results you want and expect.


VIDEO OUTPUT -- One video output connector, 1 HDMI, status monitor

USB --- 1 Micro USB 2.0 connector, 1 USB-A 3.0 connector

RS-232 -- Serial port

POWER SOURCE --  External 12v 5A

OPERATING TEMP. -- Approximately 34° F to 131° F (0° C to 55° C)

DIMENSIONS  -- 6.25” (W) x 1.53” (H) x 5.25” (D) ; (15.88 cm x 3.89 cm x 3.34 cm)

APPROX. WEIGHT -- 0.75 lbs (0.34 kg)

WARRANTY -- One (1) year parts and labor



    Front panel (top) and back panel (bottom) of the Pointmaker PVI-500 videoconferencing annotation system.

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