Pointmaker CPN-5600

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HDCP Annotation System with iPad control, annotation, scaling, capture, print & network

Pointmaker CPN-5600 with iPad Control

The Pointmaker CPN-5600 HDCP color annotation system combines all of the features of previous Pointmaker models with new features many of you have been asking for, such as the ability to annotate and control the Pointmaker from an iPad. This model replaces the CPN-5000, and adds several more new features.


Give wireless presentation from your iPad to a big screen or projector — The CPN-5600 works in conjunction with the free iPad app PVI Control that allows presenters to execute commands, select video sources and annotate from the iPad.

Remotely Switch Between 9 Video Sources and create source labels such as “laptop,” “document camera,” “DVD player” and “Blu-ray.”

Focus Audience Attention by drawing, writing or highlighting over documents, photos, slides, live web page or AV images — even HDCP.

Remotely Select Pointmaker Commands such as capture, print, save and menu navigation (no computer required).

Save Annotated Images on your iPad photo album, to a USB stick or by TFTP, or printed to a color Postscript printer (supports UNIX LP printing directly from the unit). This model provides is a single solution for anyone wanting to annotate over video and capture the result. Multiple images can be captured to a USB memory device for storage, reload or later transfer to a computer.

Superior Scaling — The CPN-5600 is a highly flexible scaler, capable of receiving video input in Composite, Y/C, VGA and HDMI formats up to 1920×1080, while scaling the output in high-resolution formats up to 1920×1080.

Network and Share — Built-in networking features allow two or more CPN-5600 units to share captured images over TCP/IP networks (local or Internet). Users can then mark over the same image while conferencing together. Great for distance learning and telemedicine, helping to replace the visual communication cues that are lost when people are not in the same room.

Small Footprint, with recessed rack ears that allow for front-end USB cabling and gives extra space on the side for a power supply. (Unit width: 11.875″) Rack ears must be specified at time of order.

Multiple HDMI Ports, offering a total of 5 In and 2 Out (over the 2 In and 1 Out of the legacy CPN-5000.) Note: Inputs 5 through 9 handle HDCP content, and only the HDMI3-out port handles HDCP content.



VIDEO INPUT — 9 video input connectors (2 BNC composite or 1 Y/C, 2 HD-15 VGA, 5 HDMI). Note: Inputs 5-9 handle HDCP content.

HDMI — Digital video up to 1080p

VGA on HD15 — VGA up to 1920 x 1080p

COMPOSITE  & Y/C — NTSC video @ 15.734 kHz and with PAL video @ 15.675 kHz; Composite (BNC x 2) – 1.0Vp-p, 75 ohms, sync negative; Y/C (BNC) – Y: 1.0Vp-p, 75 ohms; C: 0.286Vp-p (burst), 75 ohms.

VIDEO OUTPUT — Scales any input to high resolution 4×3, 16×9 or 16×10 video formats

HDMI – Digital video most standard resolutions up to 1080p; 2 connectors. Note: Port 3 handles HDCP compliant.

VGA on HD15 — Analog video channel most standard resolutions up to 1080p.

USB — 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports, plus one USB B port.

POWER SOURCE — +12v 72W 6A (center positive)

OPERATING TEMP — Approx. 34° F to 131° F (0° C to 55° C)

DIMENSIONS — 11.875″ W x 1.75″ H x 7.375″ D

APPROX. WEIGHT — 2.5 lbs. (1.134 kg)

WARRANTY — One (1) year parts and labor.


Optional Accessories

DTX-DRVRS-232     Line Driver Pair (One pair needed per device)

EXT-USB-4PORT     USB Extender (up to 150ft) with 4 port hub

DTU-CTL470     USB Digitizing Tablet  (active drawing area 5.8″x3.6″)

Panel Views

Back panel of CPN-5600 (top) and front panel (bottom).

Technical Documents (PDF)

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