Pointmaker LLC is celebrating 25 years of experience revolutionizing the concept of video annotation at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 22-27, 2017. Our straightforward product design allows new users to quickly learn and utilize the features needed for communicating to an audience in the fast-paced world of broadcasting and information sharing.

The business model of news broadcasting is changing. The airwaves no longer rule broadcasting as more and more people turn to their mobile devices for information gathering. A 2016 study published by the Pew Research Center found 62% of adults get news through social media, which was a 13% increase over a study done just 4 years earlier. These numbers show that when breaking news happens, online content is the first place people turn to for the latest updates. This makes live streaming broadcasts on social media platforms an important part of your breaking news plans. Add a Pointmaker to the mix and you have the tools you need to make your point and win the day, online and over the airwaves.

For the Pointmaker LLC booth at the NAB Show 2017, we created a small broadcast set, complete with a Pointmaker, a touch screen, and two iPads. One iPad is mounted to a tripod and is capable of streaming live video through social media applications. The other iPad is on the desk in front of the presenter and is hard-wired to the Pointmaker. Behind the presenter is a large touchscreen with a video feed from the iPad routed through the Pointmaker. The iPad on the presenter desk can be used to select the sources of images and videos shown on the touchscreen. The presenter can then annotate over the video and images, via the touchscreen, to tell the breaking news story by pointing viewers to the important information they want and need. If your iPad has a wireless signal, the presenter can choose sources of video from Internet web pages or even other social media feeds. This set-up gives your presenter a wide variety of options to pick and choose the video and image sources you will need during breaking news.


Oroville Dam Danger Explained: see a Pointmaker at work in another video recorded from our NAB Show Live Streaming Broadcast Set.

L.A.Hotel Fire Traffic Back-up: see a Pointmaker at work in another video recorded from our NAB Show Live Streaming Broadcast Set.

With our NAB Show Pointmaker broadcast set, only one person is needed to make live streaming happen and happen fast. Anchors, reporters, and producers can hop in front of camera and quickly annotate over the information they are streaming live to a social media audience, while other personnel in your newsroom prepares for a traditional on-air broadcast. If you have a newsroom with an unused or underutilized touch screen, adding a Pointmaker to the set-up is a cost-effective way to create a broadcast set with annotation capabilities for live-streaming or on-air purposes. While this set up is ideal for television newsrooms, large and small, a variety of other companies and organizations could find it useful as well. Emergency managers could quickly annotate over maps, directing personnel into or around areas where rescue or recovery efforts are happening during a disaster. Middle school, high school, and college students could create a small live streaming broadcast set with annotation capabilities, just like real broadcast newsrooms. In boardrooms, CEOs could make major announcement to their clients or the public during live streaming broadcasts.

Online information gathering is the future. Adding annotation with a Pointmaker during your live streaming means you can make your point more effectively and efficiently to win the day on multiple broadcast platforms.

At the NAB Show 2017, Pointmaker LLC can be found in the lower level of the South Hall in booth SL13118. A variety of units will be set up for you to experience our product for yourself. Expert users will also be on-hand to answer your questions and show you how our systems can best fit into the audience experience your company strives to achieve.

Media contact:
Erin Jordan
Marketing Manager
Broadcast Specialist
(520) 745-0001

Pointmaker LLC is a Tucson, Arizona-based AV manufacturer and app developer for the presentation and collaboration markets. In the 1990s, the hardware-based Pointmaker annotation systems gained national exposure during the O.J. Simpson trial and on Monday Night Football. Today, the Pointmaker line continues to develop with the addition of the Engage Pointmaker Systems, which combines Pointmaker hardware with iPad apps. The Pointmaker product line is used in courtrooms, classrooms, surgical operating rooms, boardrooms, emergency centers, operation control centers, and places of worship, as well as for distance learning and broadcast. For further information, visit or call (800) 552-2262.  

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