Calibrating Light Pens

The light pen was very popular when it first came out years ago. It allows users to draw directly onto any CRT monitor that is displaying video being passed thru the Pointmaker.
As more and more people are using touchscreens, the light pen is losing popularity. Also, there are limitations to using a light pen.

  1. You can only draw over a CRT.
  2. If the image is dark or has dark spots the light pen will not draw correctly.
  3. You can not use multiple light pens on one Pointmaker. There is only one light pen port.
  4. The user has to be standing right near the CRT screen to draw.
  5. The pen is bulky and hard to write with.

Although there are drawbacks to using the light pen, and we highly recommend using a touchscreen instead, some users still opt for it.

The light pen connects to the Pointmaker light pen port, and must be calibrated before use. Here are the steps for calibration:

  1. Press the Print Screen key on the keyboard. You should see a Setup Menu pop up. If there is no keyboard, use the tablet for access by pressing down the gray button on the stylus closest to the pen tip, and depressing the pen tip itself into the drawing area. Hold those two down for about 5 seconds and the Setup Menu should appear.
  2. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard or stylus on the tablet, place the cursor over the selection named Hardware Setup and press Enter or press down on the drawing area.
  3. Place the cursor over the option named Calibration and press Enter or down on the drawing area.
  4. Place the cursor over the selection named Light Pen Calibration and press Enter or down on the drawing area. You will now see a cyan colored screen with a small crosshair in the upper left corner on your display.
  5. Go over to the CRT monitor and depress the pen tip into the middle of crosshair on the screen. A second crosshair will appear in the lower left corner.
  6. Depress the pen tip into the middle of that second crosshair. The cyan screen should disappear, you will see your video coming through, and the menu will still be up.
  7. Touch Exit Menu and you should be able to draw.

You can use the side barrell button on the light pen for different functions.

  • Press the button once to undo the last drawing.
  • Press and hold the button down to clear all drawings.
  • Depress the pen tip into the screen, hold it down, while pressing the side barrell button to cycle through the 7 different colors.

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