BIZ 101

Turn an ordinary conference room into a modern huddle room with the Pointmaker BIZ 101 iPad app. Watch small group collaboration transform into an interactive, solution driven experience as multiple iPad users share images and annotations in real-time. To get started, simply download the app then create or join a meeting via a built-in cloud server. The purpose is for users to show and share their thoughts while actively working together to achieve a goal.

Increase the collaboration experience by connecting to a Pointmaker, projecting the shared images and annotations onto a large format display. Or connect one of the iPads to a monitor through Apple TV.

With the Biz 101 app, you can:

  • Open, zoom and pan all kinds of iPad content including images from your Photo Stream, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, and more.
  • Share iPad content during collaboration:
    — a live link exists with other iPad users signed in to your meeting
    — send the content via e-mail
    — share the content on Facebook or Twitter
  • Annotate or highlight on content before, during and after sharing to call attention to details being discussed in your group.
  • Use 7 colors and 3 line thickness styles to find the best marking contrast for your content.
  • Draw or write on blank backgrounds for brainstorming sessions. Chose from chalkboard, white board or note paper.
  • Save annotated content to your Photo Stream.
  • Chat with other users while logged into the same meeting.
  • Free app with use of the built-in clouds server free for a limited time.

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